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By on August 17, 2016

Jeremy is an Author and a keen reader of several fiction and non-fiction Publications and Books. This section will be highlighting books with exceptional influence in his reading list:

JOIN THE DOTS IN MY WORDS by Jeremiah W. Gatonga

Join The Dots in My Words

Year of Publishing 2016: Length 102 Pages: Price KES 400 / $ 3.99: Available on Amazon, Leading Bookshops in Nairobi

Book Summary

In this book, you’ll find the truth in these words: “There shouldn’t be avoiding excellence today. There shouldn’t be any excuse for our not being able to pull strings together to solve ‘the puzzles in life’.”

This book is thought provoking in the subject of excellence and is a guide to realize the seemingly limitless of your abilities while living. It is a powerful tool to help you shape your thoughts and ideas.

It has covered most important aspects of excellence in the life of a normal human being. It reveals the secret to making it to the top as using our talents and skills. It identifies it as the surest way to excellence and key, rule and language of success.

It deals with topics as setting life plans in various areas. It also identifies toxic attitudes you must deal with on your way to success, restates important personal disciplines, and sums it up with five fears and challenges you must overcome along the way.

The Book also gives the authors’ most basic authentic and true definition of success and excellence. Jeremy has plainly stated Facts. The plan of action is laid from its practical oriented content.

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