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By on October 17, 2018

People are different. It’s the differences that allow shared opinions, and debating others. Personality is one reason people are different. How it affects your spending habits is an opinion shared. But how does personality affect your financial planning habits.

A brief look into the various financial planning personality types. Some of the notable ones include:


Such are the people who are seemingly in constant battles with the fashionistas. They’re into nice cars, flashy gadgets, designer clothing plus they will never bargain. Trying to maintain their lifestyle is their living. If their looks are not up-to-date, you are not to state.

Also, they’re quite generous when it comes to clearing bills. Believe me, you wouldn’t mind being around them. Spending big is a huge boost to their self esteem as they’re out there to be seen. Showcase is their strongest suit.


Flip the coin. Economists are the opposite of show-offs. Most individuals are conservative in nature preferring a simple life. The public tends to misunderstand them as they pass off as strugglers, disturbed or weird. They have no debts and it brings them greater joy to see their savings increase. A polite name for them would be savers.

PersomalitySince they have little or no interest in spending, some would consider them thrifty. That is part true as they would debate between buying a meal, buying a pair of shoes or avoiding the expense. The larger percentage chooses to avoid the expense.


Spending is their addiction. They love it, and are ever out there looking for value. When they find it, they do not shy from spending. Variety is their motivation while they enjoy putting money to use.


They spend more than they earn. Borrowers are reckless, poor planners and rarely think about investing. It doesn’t bother them that they owe you. In fact, they go out of their way and borrow more in order to sustain their unwarranted livelihoods. Clearing these debts is near impossible but in case it’s done, they look to fetch more next time.


Investors are conscious of their spending habits. Normally, they’ll use money to make money and are known to be calculative risk takers. They are willing to spend where the returns will be visible and sensible. To them, every penny counts. Investors are ever on a non-ending mission to make more money.


To them that are:


Spend less, save a lot more. Weighing your priorities is key for healthy financial planning. Attempting to maintain a lifestyle will frustrate you (especially without a steady source of income).


MBIT PersonalityExercise being limitless. Don’t be stingy. Buy yourself something. Disregard the risk or the expense and just do it. I’m not suggesting that you stop saving. At least dress like you have some money in the bank.


Invest a little bit. For example, while you’re out there looking for value consider someone you’d sell to at a better price. You might make a business out of it and that would be a good start. Besides, you can’t have it all.


Planning before spending will make you aware of your financial strength. Slow but sure wins the race. Similarly, accumulating debts is an easy route to bankruptcy. In summary, plan in advance, know your worth and avoid borrowing by all means possible.


We’ve all experienced this before. It’s the best practice to employ when managing finances. Careful not to invest it all assuming that a calculated risk wouldn’t burn you. Greed is the devil incarnate.


Despite your spending habits, it is important to be self aware. It’s a certain way to help address the challenges that arise from them. Focus on your strengths and work as much on your weaknesses.

Changing habits is hard but observing change is easy. Once you acknowledge who you are – make a stand, dare to be different and something good might come of it.

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  1. I hang in between an economist and a spend thrift. At times I spend way to much on urgent instead of saving for important stuff. At times I just want to save just sound like bank account is rolling. I will take into account every detail and try to change my financial status.

  2. Great advice. Extravagant,spend less save more,planning before spending,exercise being limitless,weighing priorities to a healthy financial personality

  3. great word which help me to know the way of planning to get more money and the way to start saving, save more use less

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