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Hey You My Little Sparrow

By on February 13, 2019

Hey you, my little sparrow

Where did you go

Are you flying to, and from the sky

Where are circling with your twigs in your beak

It’s your sweetheart talking

But undeterred, continue to fly, dream and hopeful

Don’t stop building the nest

Till the sun shines, you can’t stop

Even when the evening comes and sun turns golden

Do not give up my darling

When night falls, I will be waiting for you

Hey you, my sparrow

You are golden

You deserve the best things money can buy

But, I cannot afford them

Instead I give you the best things that are priceless

My kindness, my heart things which are righteous

Holding your hand, looking your eyes

You’ve made this village boy into a wholesome man

You’re that darling of mine

You are kind and sweet

Hey you, my sparrow

I love seeing you smile and hearing your laugh

You made me feel what I had never felt before

Appreciated and loved

Thank You love, I appreciate

This may be the beginning and hope it won’t end forever

Thank you for keeping it real while others pretended

You’re my love, my best friend

I’ve been waiting for your kisses

I’m hungry for your tasteful lips

I’ll not joke with your emotions

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