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Realistic Relationship Goals For 2019

By on January 26, 2019

Dear Queen,

The following are the things I want to do with you;


Talk to you

Laugh with you

Hold you

Have regular outs with you alone

Remind you why I love you

Share secrets with you

Take pictures with you

Smile with you

Do new something together every month

Support you goals in life

Give back to the society in charity activities

Hangout with you everywhere

Always hug you and say hi every time I see you

Tell you you’re beautiful

Love your friends

Create memories with you

Remind you often how much I treasure you

Appreciate the times we spend together

Kiss you slowly

Look deep into your eyes and tell you I love you

Comfort you when you cry and wipe your tears

I will stand up for you when no one else is against you

Take long night walks with you

Give you my sweater or coat when it is cold

Even when you look bad one day, I’ll still tell you how beautiful you are

Dance with you even when there is no music

Support your career, studies, and family

Honor your ideas, thoughts and needs

Let you sit on my lap

I will rub your back

I will write letters with my fingers

Tell you stories, parables, and quotes

Take you everywhere and anywhere you want

Text you or call in the morning and tell you to have a great day and that I miss you much

If it seems that there is something wrong, I will ask you and if you deny something is wrong, I will assume you do not want to talk. I will just hug and kiss you

Text or call you in the evening to tell you I love and that I miss you much

Make you feel loved

Tell you you’re my everything

Hold you close when I want to push you

Be there for you every time you need me. Even when you do not need me, I will just be there so that you will know that you can always count on me

Open doors for you

Allow you lean on my chest when you are crying

Kiss you unexpectedly

Walk you to your car

Tell you you’re my everything

Won’t lie to you

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