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By on August 17, 2016

Jeremy is the Founder and Director of JoinTheDots Stationers & Printers and Silver Books Publications Businesses that specializes in learning and publications solutions. These businesses have been running since 2014.

Silver Books Publications was established to author and produce quality Motivational books for the general public. The flagship product is JOIN THE DOTS IN MY WORDS TITLE published in 2016.

Springs Books Publications also specializes in Publishing and Printing  other general publications in a variety of areas.  Through this Company, Jeremy does coaching and mentors other upcoming fictional and non-fictional writers through #SpringOutGiants

JoinTheDots Stationers & Printers  was founded with the aim of publishing and printing Revision book series for High School and Primary Students. Specifically the company has released quality, accurate and easy to use products in the name of JoinTheDots Revision Series.

These are systematic revision books, question banks, and trial exams for Secondary and Primary Levels. These products have sold tens of copies to Kenyan students and have proved to be one of the most reliable and affordable revision materials on Kenyan bookshelves with an aim of converting them to e-learning solutions.
The question banks have been composed to accompany the revision books. They are meant to help students evaluate their mastery of the syllabus and in the preparation for the final exams. The contents of the revision books, question banks, and trial exams are standardized and in line with the syllabus.
The JoinTheDots Team that has compiled these books is a team of dedicated members who are highly qualified in their areas and subjects of specialization. They are headed by Mr. BENSON GATONGA who is an experienced History and Government teacher who has been involved in teaching and examining the same for a couple of years. He holds a Diploma in Education from Gretsa University [Othaya Teachers College Center]. He is passionate about sound training and teaching of the subject.

All through his teaching profession BENSON  has commanded respect among his peers due to his mastery of the subjects. He also teaches C.R.E and History & Government and has also written revision guides on the same. [Join The Dots Revision Guide In C.R.E and History and Government].This team is dedicated to excellence.
JoinTheDots Stationers & Printers also specializes in selling stationery to schools and offices, Designing and Printing Institutional calendars, certificates, posters, brochures, organizational newsletters and invitational cards, Branding of pens, T-shirts, note books, personal and office computers, telephones and office rooms.
For more Information email us at or call 0722 481 993 to order our books or be part of the team to be mentored

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