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Top 10 Highly Profitable Businesses Ideas in Kenya

By on May 17, 2019

There are tens of profitable business ideas in Kenya that are easy to start and earn an income from.

Here we look at 10 creative and innovative business ideas in Kenya that will make you “rich”. I’m sure after going through this list, you will find a great idea that will surely interest you and perhaps consider starting a business in that line.

Whether you are a graduate or just a form four leaver, I believe that there is something for you.

Any of these top business ideas in Kenya can grow into a really big business provided you are success hungry.

Every successful business you see in the world begun somewhere.

Some entrepreneurs started their businesses in the garage, others in their single room, and others in their mother’s house.

But they all made it because they worked from bottom up without giving up.

The best thing about these exciting business ideas in Nairobi is that you can start them with less than 1, 000 or less.

Here is a list of new business opportunities in Kenya that you can go for this year.

  1. Online Shop

The world is experiencing a great change. Technology is taking over in almost every facet of life including how people do their shopping. It has created the need for people to shop online. As such, having an online store is a great opportunity for an entrepreneur.

Latest statistics show that 90% of young Kenyans have access to the internet and use social media daily. This provides a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs to create online business pages where they can list their merchandise.

An online shop provides a great platform where clients can view your goods. You can go ahead and create an online business page on Facebook or Instagram and start selling. To deal with competition, you can offer incentives such as installation services or free delivery to entice more customers.

The best deal is that you can sell anything on online shop. You can sell household items, packaged water, revision materials etc. Look at what I offer on Facebook.

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  • Car Wash Business

Car wash business is among the most profitable businesses in Nairobi and other major towns. It is a booming business that requires less than 10, 000 shillings to start. Today, most car owners would rather pay another to wash their cars instead of them doing it themselves.

To start a car wash business, you need an area with sufficient water supply. Imagine charging 150 shillings per car you clean and 100 for every motorcycle you wash. It is possible to clean 20 cars every day and 20 motorcycles every day translating into a profit of 5, 000 daily.

You can be making 100k monthly with a dedicate team of staff. Graduates, quite the mentality that car wash business is for the uneducated people in the society. Those that you despise are earning a handsome amount with such a “low business”.

  • Personal Trainers Business

Today, almost everyone is concerned about their health including weight (maybe except me). But they all keep it a secret.

While people would want to lose weight, learn to swim, learn music, learn to cook, or handle their emotions, they do not know how. No wonder we are having people fall into the wrong hands of gullible pastors, conmen and such.

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Without any seed capital and only marketing skills, you can start a personal trainers business and make a kill. You can meet your clients for swimming lessons, cooking lessons, gym sessions, and leadership coaching. This is a booming business opportunity that is easy to start and earn a cool 50k if you charge 1, 000 per session and have 5 clients.

  • Freelance Writing

There was a time I solely depended on freelance writing. I was a full-time freelance writer contributing in several websites and blogs for 2 years (2015-2016). I also had article writing accounts in such writing agencies as Textbroker, Hirewriters and WritersAccess. It paid well.

If you have the skills and like doing writing for fun then, this is something you can opt for. You just need a laptop, reliable internet connection and a desk. From there, you turn your writing hobby into a career and business opportunity.

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If you are employed, you can still opt to do this as a part-time hustle. It is possible to make a cool 200k monthly doing online writing as an experienced guy. I made 36K in my first month as an online writer in 2015 and that is the lowest I ever made when I worked full-time.

  • Recycling Waste Products Business

The world is going green. People appreciate products made from recycled materials. Become innovative and start a business that converts waste materials such as plastic bottles and cans into great products. Imagine building sofas from old tires or a table from plastic bottles.

When starting a recycling products business, the initial investment is low. Some of the waste products such as plastic bottles, old cartoons, and tires are almost free. You just need a garage where you will modify your products.

  • Garbage Collection

I know this sound ridiculous. But hey, garbage collection services in Kenya by local authorities collapsed several years ago. This is a service that is currently provided by individuals and private entities.

Just walk around your estate signing homes where you will be collecting garbage at a small fee say 300 shillings per home. With more people coming to Nairobi garbage collection services is a great business opportunity in Kenya.

I have a friend who graduated with a first class degree in Chemistry and Mathematics who make a cool 80K monthly collecting garbage.

  • Landscaping and Gardening

How about turning your client’s backyard into a wonderful panorama. While this may require a bit of training, creativity is king. You can learn to do landscaping from YouTube.

When you get your first client, do a nice job and this will attract highly paying clients.

  • Beauty Shop

Men and women equally want to look beautiful when they step out. You can tap into this potential by starting beauty shop.

This may look like a business for the uneducated but we have seen people doing well. This is a lucrative business that had a potential of making you a handsome profit.

To rent a standard stall in Town, you probably need 6, 000 – 15, 000 shillings. Once you have a stall, you need to brand it well and stock it with fast moving beauty products. You can also offer added services by having a team that can attend to ladies, hair, nails and face.

  • Professional Cleaning Services Business

Kenyan’s are lazy. Probably not, they are busy with their jobs and business. They have less time for their laundry. You can easily tap into this and make money.

All you need to get started is a washing machine, detergents, and pressing irons. But you also need a reliable water supply.

If you manage to have 5 clients every day each paying 300 shillings, then you can make not less than 45K monthly. Isn’t this a great income to start you off? It is!

  1. Selling Fruits

Selling fruits is a booming business in Kenya which requires less capital to start. Kenyan’s want to stay healthy and thus when you start a fruits business, there is a ready market for you.

To start a fruit business, you need not more than 1, 000 shillings. You can make a good profit and reinvest the profits back to the business.

Again 10 Best Business ideas to consider in Kenya

  • Online shop
  • Car wash business
  • Personal trainers business
  • Online writing
  • Recycling Waste Products Business
  • Garbage Collection Business
  • Landscaping and Gardening Business
  • Beauty Shop
  • Professional cleaning business
  • Selling fruits

Did you find the business ideas worth trying? Go ahead and let us hear your story

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