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Traces of You: Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

By on February 13, 2019

You see Remy is my childhood friend who had started dating long before me.

He had his first girlfriend about 5 years ago but they went separate ways 1 year later. But 4 years later, Remy has never moved on! He still looks for traces of Alicia in every woman he comes across.

Remy’s Story

I sat down with Remy a few days ago and he had this to tell me.

That after so many years of getting separated from you, he still searches for traces of you in everything and everybody he comes into contact with.

That he searches for your smile, for your warmth. He searches for you on sunny days and rainy days.

He told me he walks along every street and corner looking for you.

He waits, waits, and waits to have a glimpse of you.

It feels like decades since you went away for he has been unable to breath. He tries breathing on Februaries, birthdays and significant dates but he is almost impossible for him.

That every day, he whispers silently on a pillow that is tear strained and wish that he could reach you, that you could feel the same at least.

Do you know what I find harder in life? It is looking for traces of you in every girl I meet every day in life.

He tells me that it was a terrible thing to lose himself and you. When you met, it was almost impossible to imagine you would ever go away, but you went. All he is left with is looking for you.

He yearns for you to come back and take him back home that you built so amazingly and lovingly in your innocent minds. When you cuddled and kissed promising a great future and love for each other.

You promised each other of a future together where you would support each other. Where you would help each other dream, fly, and remain hopeful.

He informed me, it has been hard for him choosing other girls who are completely opposite of you.

He felt secure with you. He saw a future with you and he fears falling in love ever again. Remy told me you left each other over things you could talk about.

He called you every morning and evening to assure you he would be ok. Remy informs me he kept hoping things would work but unfortunately they didn’t. When he called you and no response he told me he knew eventually he would go away. And he went because he had done his best to make it work so that he would never blame himself.

Remy says he doesn’t stop thinking about you. He can’t stop thinking of how amazing it would have been if you stayed a little longer. How different it would be if you were still an item?

My Thoughts

As I listened to him, I kept wondering, how liberating would it be for him, if he found another girl who would know how to love him without instructing him to? How good would it be if he found a girl who he would love without working? And how awesome would it be if he could give his 100% and get it with a bonus?

I believe Remy will find one, he just needs to keep looking. He just needs to keep looking to another her. One who would stay even when things are not looking so good. A girl who would love him more than she has ever been loved. One who he would not need to be superficial but undress his imperfections too.

Yes, the girl who he would not have to explain himself to. One who he would not be afraid to share his insecurities and fears with because he does not fear that he would lose.

I hope that Remy would find one who would make him secure and appreciated.

But I also know that Remy is a great young man. He wants to love a woman the way she deserves. He wants to hold her how she should be held, cherished, cared for, and thought about. He wants a woman he can open doors for, kiss her forehead, pull chairs for, cuddle her and made feel like she is the only one.

He wants to love and feel like he is at home.

But where do broken hearts go?

I realized from Remy’s story that you may have a girl who you think last in your evenings and first in your mornings but still leave you.

While men want to share their hearts out, they are limited. But dear girls, when you have friends who tell you to leave him because he seems not to be struggling, shame on them.

Work with him and grow old together!


Are you going through a similar broken heart experience? Drop a comment and give your view

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2 comments on “Traces of You: Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

  1. Life must go on with or without Him,Remy might hold on for so long but his indeed wasting his time ,Alicia will never come back and if she come back she will set for him conditions.Again its hard to find Alicia Characters to another woman,we are all different

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