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When Our Girls Turn Jesus into a Cheer Leader

By on April 12, 2019

I’m concerned that in the recent past, our girls have reduced Jesus to a personal spiritual cheer leader. In their girls talks and Bible study groups, they are now focusing on who they can be instead of who Jesus is. Their girl talks are filled with finding their lives instead of losing it thus missing out the wonders of the cross.

Let me make clear that this article is not a response to what happened in our country where a young Kenyan girl was brutally killed by his girlfriend in a Kenyan university because “he couldn’t take a NO for an answer from the girl.” In fact, I believe that she did not deserve to die and I mourn her.

But you see ours is a sick society. We are so quick to point fingers not remembering that those who are defending the girl carry with them a fake tag of radical feminists. My take is this, most radical feminists are toxic hiding under their bitterness with some of them don’t understand what feminism is.

I believe that a true feminist does not claim equal rights from the same people they are disrespecting.

Ok, let me not digress. There is a common trend in many books, blogs and events today that focus more on women fulfilling a grand purpose that reduces Jesus role and words to only that of support, encouragement, and affirmation. You see, girls have become comfortable hearing Jesus say, Girl, you are beautiful! You can make it! You are wonderfully made! Let no one stop your happiness! Be yourself! Life is too precious to spend time with people who suck! You are favored!

Don’t get me wrong! I know Jesus encourage. Our Lord Jesus offers words of comfort to the weary and the hurting. Jesus heals the broke hearted. He promises heaven. He has redeemed us. Jesus Christ gives power to the powerless. He blesses the afflicted.

In an environment where we always feel we do measure up, we need his support and encouragement if we are to make it. We need God’s favor every time we feel inadequate. I too need it when I feel broken and hurt.

But my problem is when we focus only on this message forgetting that He has also called us not only for words of affirmation but also to take up our cross and follow Him. When we only celebrate the grace of God, we forget Jesus’ words of rebuke, repentance, and forgiveness. We thus reduce JESUS INTO A CHEERLEADER and not one who calls us to Himself.

Jesus is our Lord who speaks to us in different ways. He does not only comfort, commands, teaches, calls, or exhorts but also rebukes. Our girls do not only need to hear “You are great!” They also need to hear the rebuke of Jesus in different voices.

When our girls reduce Jesus into a cheer leader, they end up missing out life-giving realities. This is especially among single Christian women who have just broken up with a Christian man.

The Lord Jesus is not a cheer leader who will look at sin and say “It’s not a big deal. Just do whatever make you happy and comfortable. You can leave than man. You can disrespect your nagging friends.” He will not say, “Well done for breaking that relationship. I have better plans for you with another man. You are too good for him.” Instead Jesus says “Exhaust yourself in matters of others. If your right eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away.

A young girl who has just gone through a breakup will join a support group of other broken girls and claim it is now time to change. She will be a good Christian being taught God’s word and prayer until she lands another man. And she will forget Jesus until she is heartbroken again. She will wonder why God is on her case but never understand.

You will not become blessed or favoured because you claimed to be. God’s favor will be evident. God will favor and bless you if you obey and trust Him. He will do great things if you journey with Him. Single women, you don’t need seasonal blessings of someone who makes happy for a few years then leaves.

I believe that if you believe in God there are no coincidences. You may have worked too hard to block the relationship with him but it does not mean that it was never meant to be. Just think about it. God doesn’t bring confusion. He had plans way before we were born.

It’s clear from the Bible that our Lord Jesus thinks that no one is important to us than himself. He is the bread of life. He is the Good Shepherd. Jesus is the door. He teaches He is the way, truth and life. Jesus is the right of the world. He is the resurrection and the life. Jesus is the true vine. He is I’m that I’m. That is our God.

While some may argue that our Lord Jesus is a self-centered person who brings all conversations to himself, it is imperative to know that in all His words, Jesus’ role is teaching us about himself because once we learn who He is, then we are liberated.

We including young single men need to know that we desperately need to know Jesus more than knowing who we are in Him. I’m not saying we forget who we are and what He can enable us to do but that we must be willing to obey God in everything He says.

When we lower Jesus to the role of a cheer leader, we become like Pharisees who tried to lower the standards of obedience so that they could meet it. Jesus calls us to eternal obedience not just in words and deeds but also in our affections and desires.  He knows sin is corrosive to our souls just as acid is to metals. He is not there to make us feel nice about ourselves while neglecting his rebuke. It would be insincere of God to promote sinful behavior as a means of a girl finding self-fulfillment.

When we sin, Jesus will stand and sternly rebuke us and warn about it. It’s because he loves us and wants to flee from it for it destroys. He knows you will be thrown to hell if you do not leave sin. He wants us to deny our flesh. He knows that the sins that result from the pride of life, the lust of the eye and the lust of the flesh are more dangerous than the discomfort of obeying today.

Walking in eternal obedience will not always make you feel joyful but it will lead you to a life that is filled with Joy. Single sisters, you will be favored more if you walk in obedience than when you just say it and post it on your IG and WhatsApp status.

Pastor John Piper teaches us that if you only read the blessings in God’s word and not his commands, then the devil will be laughing at you. We cannot reduce the richness of God’s mercy and blessings so that it can fit into our selfish interests. It is bad behavior to think that we can trust God in our lack and weakness but forget Him in our strength and abundance. That is making Him our cheer leader whose role is only making us happy.

The kingdom principle is loose your life in God for you will find it. Girls, I encourage you to longer be slaves to self. Jesus came to free us so that we can live in and for him. As you settle, don’t settle for less but don’t make Him your personal cheer leader. Abide in God. God is our beginning and the end.

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