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February, 2019

Hey You My Little Sparrow

By on February 13, 2019

Hey you, my little sparrow Where did you go Are you flying to, and from the sky Where are circling with your twigs in your beak It’s your sweetheart talking But undeterred, continue to fly, dream and hopeful Don’t stop building the nest Till the sun shines, you can’t stop Even when the evening comes […]

Traces of You: Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

By on February 13, 2019

You see Remy is my childhood friend who had started dating long before me. He had his first girlfriend about 5 years ago but they went separate ways 1 year later. But 4 years later, Remy has never moved on! He still looks for traces of Alicia in every woman he comes across. Remy’s Story […]