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By on August 17, 2016

My Name is Jeremy Gatonga. I’m a writer, Financial Market Trader, ICT Professional, and Speaker.

Jeremy-WakamuI’m a multi talented adult kid blessed with a life marked with exciting episodes of excellence, great talent and skilled labour.

I write this blog on various aspects aiming that I will help my readers Join the dots in life”. This blog will teach you the limitless of this life if you pluck the right chords for the music and dance to the right rhythm.

My passion is to spend more time being present in the present and interacting with the current landscape. I want to be mindful of the people, the surroundings, the culture and the spiritual warfare around me.

Jeremy wants to get engaged in the moments I’m living in. He don’t want to get distracted with my own sole ambitions while completely ignoring the existence of more significant things in life.

You will agree with me that life is more than just chase “who and what” in life. I‘m a firm believer in being ambitious and pursuing the ‘new cool’, which is being excellent in Trading,  Business, Family Education, Career, and Faith.

I graduated with a First Class Honors Business Information Technology (BBIT) degree graduate from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) – Nairobi – Kenya, School of Business.

I’m trained, has interests and is a specialist in providing professional Social Media Management Strategies, Web Content Management, Online Marketing Strategies, ICT Consultancy, Capacity Building, Team Building, Leadership training, Business Planning, Business Ethics Training, Wealth Management and Business Plans Developments.

I authored and published my first book JOIN THE DOTS IN MY WORDS. See it here

This blog is titled…JOIN THE DOTS: Investment over coffee. This blog takes life much the same as the dots in a puzzle. We assume all that is needed is to join them perfectly so that it is completed while at the same time ensuring that none of the dot is left out.

There are no restrictions in joining the dots in the puzzle and so is life. There will always be restrictions in life. You must take life seriously. Be sure to always never leave one dot out and such things as life will not be fun.

It will endeavor to ensure that we carefully study dot in life and integrating them together to make something awesome. Specifically this blog will pay attention to the main areas of finances, leadership, family & friendships and no bit of politics.

Pull you chair and let us talk investment

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