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Why Appreciate People Around Us

By on June 28, 2019

One of the secrets to a successful friendship or relationship is actively appreciating your partner/friend. But when business meetings, work, children and others cares come in, most people begin to take their partners and friends for granted. They no longer matter and thus show little appreciation for them. And there is a danger when we fail to appreciate our friends and partners. There are also great reasons why you should appreciate your partner.

Importance of Appreciating people

Every moment you appreciate someone;

  • You make them happy
  • You make them feel loved
  • You let them know you are grateful for everything small they have done for you
  • You motivate them to keep doing acts of kindness to you
  • You end up focusing on their strengths, abilities and gifts than on their flaws
  • For your spouse appreciating them injects some intimacy into the romantic relationship

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When you first begin seeing someone, you perhaps will go the extra mile to appreciate or impress them.

I once attended a dinner were my friend and her wife work. This couple has been married for the last 10 years and even though they loved each other dearly, the wife told me the activities of the day had made her take him for granted over the years. While the husband was still steady, dependable, and loving, the romance was long gone. The husband was the same over the years. He made efforts to appreciate her wife. The husband still complimented the wife for all the little things she did every morning. He appreciated her food, her looks, clothing and her taking care.

During the dinner, my friend’s colleagues spoke well of him. We could not help listen to his colleagues say what a great man he was. From the glowing terms that they talked about my friend, we realized that he was a likeable and amazing man.

Her wife was swelling with pride during the whole dinner. But as we went home, she had a little shame so she told us. She wondered why over the years she had stopped to notice how wonderful her husband was. She had known my friend as a husband who was reliable, supportive, and loveable. While she knew all this, she had stopped seeing this long ago. She no longer felt the compulsion, none whatsoever to appreciate her husband.

My friend and her wife rarely had arguments. They had weathered storms together. My friends had invested together. They prayed together and had two loving kids. Every day they had great and candid conversations of where they wanted their life to be in a couple of years. Everyone who saw this great couple, they thought they were a perfect match.

They lived harmoniously but perhaps because of the being drained by things around them, she stopped showing how lucky she was being married to a great man. She had stopped caring and appreciating her husband.

From the event my friend’s wife kept wondering; did her husband act different at work? Or was it that she had stopped seeing what had been there all the time?

Cleopas and Friend Walk with Jesus

I think this was the same problem that Cleopas and his friend had 3 days after Jesus had been crucified and buried. As they walked to Jerusalem, they must have been tired, drained, and depressed from all that had happened in Jerusalem the previous week.

They had come across a great teacher who they thought would be the savoir of the Jews. Jesus had promised the masses too much. He had performed great miracles and signs among them but eventually he was arrested, beaten, crucified, and buried just as he had predicted.

Three days later, his body was missing and they could not expect that Jesus would join them on their way to Emmaus. They spoke of his a “Prophet, powerful in word and deed before God and all the people”. But what they did not recognize was that he was the savior of the world.

And we want to shout to Cleopas and my friend’s wife, “Hey, how could you not see all the wonderful things of your husband and Jesus? How could you not recognize him as explained in the scriptures? Why does not your hearts burn with appreciation for having walked with great men?”

You see, life’s cares blind people from recognizing and appreciating the people we come across every day. As so we take them for granted. Maybe because we do not know what we have until we lose it. Or maybe it is because we don’t take time to think about them. We just move on with life as if they do not matter.

If we want to be successful in our friendships and relationships, then we must truly begin to appreciate them. We must be ready to show gracious actions and attitudes towards them. As such, we must show how grateful we are for having loving, cherishing, submitting, and caring people around us. It is then that we will begin to realize what great people we live with around us.

Every time we become self-obsessed with our own identities and challenges, we fail to recognize the gifts and qualities of a person close to us in life. We become blind to great attributes about them. We also miss opportunities to build on their strengths and personality.

And before loss, separation, sickness or accolades from others force us to pay attention and appreciate our friends and partners then, lets pray that we make them happy for who they are.

Let’s not focus on their flaws or mistakes they made in the past. Instead let us acknowledge them for the little things they have done for you. It is then that will realize that life is more than just staying with someone. It is making memories and lasting ones with them.

Lets’ talk

What attributes have you taken for granted in your friend/spouse?

In what ways can you show appreciation to your spouse/friend?

How can you keep your eyes open note the great attributes in your friend/spouse?

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